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Printed Zip Up

These zip up overalls are practical, easy to wear and are the perfect cover up printed workwear option for all kinds of jobs. The zip design allows your staff to easily step in and out of them as required - especially helpful if they are not working in a dirty environment all day. These overalls will easily cover and protect the printed workwears items they are wearing underneath, ensuring that you need to replace those items much less often. The design of overalls lends itself to the printing process with plenty of room on the front for printing and space on the back for a slogan or even a picture if you wish. Looking after these overalls is also easy as they will wash well, maintain their colour and not go out of shape. These printed zipped overalls are perfect for mechanics, cleaners, outdoor workers and anyone who wants to look professional while they work.

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If you wish to buy a bulk order of overalls we can offer you free set up for the printing, making it a great money saving option. We can also devise a quote that will stay within your budget and allow you to buy a quality item at a knockdown price. You can also get guaranteed delivery to make it even more worth your while.