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Casual workwear uniforms are perfect if you want to create a relaxed feel in your work environment. They allow your staff a greater level of comfort whilst working and project a modern, casual brand image to your customers. Formal or traditional uniforms are not for everyone, they may be impractical for your work, or just not fit with the image you want to convey to world. Casual garments embroidered with your company name and logo have a relaxed look without sacrificing professionalism, giving you all the benefits of a custom uniform without the associated stuffiness.

Embroidered Hoodies are the perfect, casual throw-on garment for any business that wants to appear modern and up to date while still looking organised and professional. Comfortable, warm and durable they’re certain to be loved by your staff. Hoodies are available in a variety of styles and are ideal for customisation with either embroidery, screen print or a combination of both so getting your design perfect is a breeze.

A few years back, t-shirts were seen as too casual for even the most laid back workplace, kitting your workforce out in a custom t-shirt risked being seen as unprofessional or downright sloppy. Those days are gone. Advances in textile technology mean that your average t-shirt will no longer fade, stretch out of shape or completely fall apart after a few wears and runs through the washing machine. Good quality workwear t-shirts will last you a long time.

An advantage of opting for t-shirts (or other casual uniform garments such as hoodies or polos) is sheer amount of choice you get when selecting your custom uniform, they are offered in a huge selection of colours, fits, styles and sizes. Rather than being constrained by only a few choices, you get to pick the uniform that’s perfect for you.