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When you should choose Screen Printing instead of Embroidery

Here at Sarah’s we love embroidery (the clue is in the name!) and believe it gives detailed, colourful and professional results on your custom workwear, making it the best option for most of our clients. However there are some occasions where embroidery might not be the right choice for you (for reasons we’ll go into later). Step forward screen printing. Screen printing provides a good alternative to embroidery when a large order or difficult design makes stitching a logo costly or impractical.

Firstly, let’s go into a little more detail about what screen printing is before we describe why it might be the right option for you. Screen printing starts by taking your design and breaking it down into its individual colours, a separate screen is then created for each colour before ink is pressed through the mesh to create a design on the garment. Screen printing machines can be either manual (ink is pushed over the screen by hand) or automatic and can print up to a different number of colours (ours can print up to six).

So, when should you choose screen printing over embroidery?

  •  If you’re ordering in large quantities. Although screen printing usually has greater set up costs than embroidery (owing to a separate screen needing to be created for each colour) it becomes cheaper the more garments you order. If you want a lot garments customised with your logo screen printing may end up saving you money.
  • If your design is large. Whilst we can embroider large areas such as the whole back of a polo shirt it isn’t often the cheapest option, especially if you want more than a couple of shirts stitched. This is because of the number of stitches that will be required and the time the logo will take to embroider. Whereas with screen printing the size of the design makes very little difference as long as it stays within the machine’s parameters.
  • If there is a lot of detail in your design. We pride ourselves on our embroidery results and the intricate designs we have successfully stitched. However even we’ll admit that there are some details which embroidery simply can’t replicate, such as shading or gradient colours. Screen printing is the perfect choice for creating detailing designs in all their glory.

Of course, you could just choose screen printing for your custom garments because that’s what you want, regardless of how many you’re ordering and how big your design is. Also you can stick with embroidery if it’s what is right for you. That’s why we offer multiple ways to customise your stuff at Sarah’s, we believe you should be able to pick the best option for you.