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Get the most out of your Workwear: Clever Embroidery Locations

As you are browsing our website we assume that you’re already well aware of the benefits of choosing customised garments for your business, sports team or event. These include increased brand visibility, team bonding, creating a professional appearance and greater customer trust –plenty of reasons to choose personalised clothing. However it may not have occurred to you that you can make your garments stand out even more by choosing to have additional logos stitched onto them. If you’ve had the same uniform or kit for a while it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of reordering the same items time and time again, rather than thinking “how could this improve?” Chances are you are always looking for ways to improve your business and your workwear should be no exception, adding a second logo or additional information is a quick way to update your uniform with going all out with a complete change.

There are some obvious choices for additional embroidery, such as the Gas Safe logo or any other professional bodies you are a member of –in fact these accreditations should be just as important as your company logo, letting customers know you are competent and accountable. However there are many other details which can add to the overall appearance of your workwear, such as a website or phone number to let potential customers know how to contact you, employee names for a personal touch, or an industry award you have won.

So, where should you put all this information? Standard left or right chest are good locations for mid-sized pieces of embroidery and any information you want customers to focus on, such as your company logo. A telephone number or web address can usually fit in underneath a logo design if you’d like to keep information together. These smaller text pieces also look in other locations, such as on the sleeve of a polo shirt or the collar of a coat or jacket. The back of garments is the perfect for place for large embroidered (or screen printed) logos, making it a good choice for promotional items where as many people need to see your logo as possible.

If you’re unsure whether your chosen garments are suitable for the embroidery location you’d like, get in touch to discuss your needs and we’ll recommend the best options for you.