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Why custom garments are always best

Why should you invest in custom garments when you can pop down to the nearest supermarket and buy everything you need right there and then? It’s a thought you’ve probably considered whether you are looking for workwear, teamwear or school uniform. It seems like you can get everything cheaper there and get your goods right away rather than having to wait around for the order to be delivered, so why bother doing anything else, right? Although this may seem like the best option, in reality it means losing out on a lot of benefits that come with custom garments and the mass produced items might not be quite the bargain they first seem.

Let’s begin with the most obvious benefit that affects everyone, no matter whether you are ordering work polo shirts or school blazers, your custom items will be completely unique. No one else will have the same items customised with the same logo. From a business point of view this makes your company stand out and look professional. Seeing workers kitten out in logoed uniform instils a sense of trust and confidence in customers, it’s also a great form of free advertising too. Uniforms customised with a stitched school badge look smart and also make your pupils easily identifiable, a must for busy school trips.

Ordering custom garments can actually give you a greater amount of choice too, strange as it sounds. We have a vast range of garments that can be chosen for embroidery or screen print, with many variations of certain items, for example there are several styles of polo or jumper to choose from rather than one standard option. We also offer male and female fits of the same garment, important for ensuring that your staff uniforms are all the same rather than somewhat similar.

Finally there’s the cost. Although mass produced garments might seem like a bargain this is often not the case, especially if you are ordering in bulk. Custom garments are normally sold on a sliding scale, so whilst an individual item may appear expensive, the cost of several can actually be less than the same number of plain, mass produced items. So you could have carefully selected, high quality garments, fully customised with your logo and wind up saving money. Maybe going custom is the obvious choice, after all.