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If you’re after some top notch sportswear that allows you to preform to your best ability or just work in a super-hot environment and want to keep cool, you might want to consider investing in some of our garments with moisture wicking ability. “Moisture wicking” may sound like one of those fancy terms which in reality translates to “actually no different than anything else” but what it does is enormously helpful in stopping you overheating. The fabric works by drawing moisture (aka -sweat) away from the body, and then also evaporating quickly from the fabric itself -unlike some fabrics which either trap moisture against the skin (very uncomfortable) or absorb the moisture (leaving unsightly sweat patches).

Once upon a time natural textiles such cotton, linen and wool were seen as the best, and really the only option to combat excess moisture, and to a degree they work perfectly at this. The natural fibres are superb at absorbing the moisture away from the body, helping the wearer cool down in the quickest time possible. So far, so good. However, as the fabric itself absorbs all the moisture it also leads to those tell-tale sweat marks -not so good.

Modern moisture wicking fabrics are made from blends of natural textiles such as cotton, and synthetic ones like polyester. Synthetic fabrics don’t hold onto and absorb moisture like natural ones’ do, preventing stains from forming, however they have also previously been known for trapping moisture against the skin therefore not allowing the body to cool down -blending the two textiles allows the garment to get the benefits from both while minimising the negatives. Beyond this, specialist moisture wicking garments are also woven in a way that makes the fabric highly permeable, and any moisture is quickly forced through spaces in the weave and away from the body.

These special fabrics make the perfect custom sportswear or personalised workwear, so if you need to stay cool to perfect your performance and enhance your professionalism make sure you look for this in the garment features.