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Picking Workwear for Spring Weather

Spring is around the corner, the sun’s shining and the weather is warm and pleasant, that is until the heavens open or a cold breeze tears past you. Spring weather is unfortunately and annoyingly changeable, feeling like summer one minute and winter the next. So what does this mean for your workwear? The changeable weather can be problematic, especially if you work outside. You no longer need to wear thick coats or fleeces but it’s not quite t-shirt weather yet. Luckily a few small changes can prepare your custom uniform perfectly for spring.

Change thick jumpers for polo shirts.

polo shirts are a workwear staple and an obvious choice for warmer weather as they are so lightweight. Cotton or poly-cotton blend polos are breathable yet also warm enough that you won’t find yourself shivering at a sudden breeze. We can also supply long sleeve polos if you’d still like a bit of extra warmth.

Change fleeces for lightweight jumpers/cardigans.

If you regularly wear an embroidered fleece or jacket as part of your winter workwear, a thinner jumper can be the perfect option for when the temperatures are far too warm for heavy outer wear but still cool enough to need an extra layer. Thrown over a polo shirt a jumper customised with your logo adds an air of professionalism to a client meeting without being too formal.

Be clever with your fabric choice.

Many of our garments are available in thinner, lightweight options in addition to the thicker, heavy duty choices. These garments allow you to stay cool without completely changing the look of your uniform. Also opting for breathable fabrics such as cotton or a high cotton to polyester blend stops sweat sticking to the body leaving you feeling cool and comfortable. Finally, think about adding a custom waterproof jacket to your uniform if your work is often outdoors. Unlike your battered old rain mac, a jacket customised with your logo protects you from spring showers whilst keeping your company name visible to everyone.