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What should I do if my staff don’t like their uniform?

Who cares? Make them wear it anyway.

We’re joking! If you clicked on this title it’s because you’re a caring boss who understands that taking his staff into consideration is of vital importance, not a task master who doesn’t give a hoot about the little worker minions. Or you are an evil task master who has realised that comfortable, happy staff work a lot better than miserable ones. Either way you’re concerned about making sure your employees like their workwear and are looking for ways to make this happen.

The best piece of advice we can give is to get your staff involved in the decision making process. Give them their say in choosing custom uniform. Of course, depending on the size of your company the way in which you involve your employees may look a little different, it will be much easier for a business with five staff members to get everyone’s opinion than one with two hundred. Make it known that you are planning on purchasing new uniform and ask if anyone has any ideas on how existing uniform could be improved or if there are problems that could be rectified. It is unlikely that you will please everyone or match each team member’s personal tastes but at the very least the end result will be a uniform that will work well and the majority of the team are happy with.

Remember that when it comes to selecting the best custom uniform your staff will be the experts rather than you, especially if you are more removed from the day to day running of things. They wear the uniform every day and more likely to notice any issues or things which could be improved with the current attire. Listening to staff views could leave you with workwear that wears better, lasts longer or improves efficiency. Similarly, if you are thinking of a workwear overhaul make the time to consult with your team and get their feedback on the new ideas. They’re more likely to spot a garment which might look good on paper but be completely impractical in the environment it was going into.

Finally, the simple act of asking for staff input when making a decision which will affect them shows that you value them. Even if you are only able to use a few ideas it has shown that you have thought of your staff and are interested in their views, all of which make staff feel like a greater part of the business and happier overall.