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Best pieces of practical workwearEmbroidered Apron

What are the best pieces of practical workwear? Obviously this is highly dependent on whatever industry you’re in and job you do –an oxford shirt isn’t the best choice for a building site and a bright hoodie wouldn’t go down too well in a formal restaurant. Practical means different things to different jobs. However, if it’s sensible, hard-wearing and long-lasting workwear you’re looking for, here are a few of the custom garments we think are best.


A great option for keeping warm and staying casual. Custom fleeces are hard wearing, long lasting and available in a few different styles, including with a full zip or pull over your head. Of course they’re not waterproof so you might want to consider an extra jacket if you’ll be outside in all weather. Like polos, branded hoodies come in many different styles and colours, so they’re an easy jacket to match to the rest of your uniform. Not bulky like heavier jackets, custom hoodies are easily bundled up and stored away when not needed.

Soft shell jacket:

This jacket is the perfect lightweight and versatile option for many environments. They provide an extra layer of warmth and protection from wind and rain without being too stuffy or constricting. Perfect for any job where you want to keep warm but not so bundled up you struggle to move around freely. These jackets also tend to look a little more professional than a fleece or a hoodie so are great for meetings in addition to day-to- day work.

Workwear trousers.

We know how much everyone loves their jeans, but a decent pair of work trousers can be an excellent investment. Even if they’re not essential to your work, custom trousers give you a “complete” uniform and are a great way of ensuring your staff are dressed similar from head to toe. They are also hard wearing so will make your uniform last longer.

Embroidered Polo shirt:

The all-round practical workwear staple, a custom polo is suitable for many industries. Its many benefits include being informal without looking overly casual, hard wearing and still remaining comfortable. They’re perfect if a traditional shirt is impractical for your work (or you’re just going for a more “dressed-down” look) but still want everyone in matching, customised uniform. Polo’s are also available in a huge array of styles, sizes and colours (possibly more than any other garment) so offer you the best amount of choice for your branded workwear.