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Avoiding Sportswear MistakesSportswear

Good sportswear can improve your performance. It’s a fact, we’ve even written about it, the right garments can help your performance and the wrong ones can hinder it. Today we’re going to focus on common sportswear mistakes and how to fix them. These mistakes are all too easy to make but luckily are equally easy to fix, so read on for some common sports kit errors and simple solutions. Don’t be a Copycat. Sure, you don’t want to be the team who stand out for the wrong reasons, but just as you wouldn’t pick a name which was shared with other teams, you shouldn’t pick the same colour and style of kit. Looking to other teams for inspiration as to what garments work best can be very useful, especially if you’re just starting out, as long as you make sure you don’t resort to copying someone else.

If you like a particular shirt choose it in a different shade, if you’re already tied to a colour choose a slightly different style garment, or one with a contrasting detail. In this instance imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery, so unless it’s part of your devious confusion tactics –don’t turn up in same kit as someone else.

Fit for purpose.

“But it looks so nice!” When shopping for new custom team wear it can be easy to fall into a trap of picking garments that look really, really, really nice –but don’t fit your needs. It’s very easily done, you click on the catalogue knowing exactly what you’re after, but five minutes later those humble plans have disappeared out of the window and you’re looking at something very fancy but completely impractical. As we’ve previously written, choosing the wrong sportswear can actually hinder your performance so make sure you choose the garments that are best for you (check out that previous post for more tips on this).

Be cost conscious.

If you are part of a team who asks members to contribute to the cost of their kit, keep this in mind when picking out your customised garments. As we’ve said before asking new members to pay for things like kit can be a good way of weeding out the uncommitted, however it also important to remember that not all your teammates may be able to afford buying expensive sportswear. How often garments will need to be replaced should also be factored into your budget. Finally, This is not so much a mistake as a piece of advice; involve the team. Especially if you’re just starting out choosing a custom kit together can be a great team bonding activity and a great way to prevent grumbles about not liking the garments further down the line. Even if this isn’t an option, asking the whole team for their input when updating the kit can make everyone feel valued and involved, it may even throw up a better option you hadn’t even considered.

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