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When selecting garments to form your custom uniform the focus is often on polos or t-shirts, however if your work sees you outside a lot or regularly traveling from client meeting to client meeting out in the field, you shouldn’t overlook the value of also choosing to have a coat or jacket embroidered with your logo.

Choosing to invest in custom outerwear means your clients will be able to instantly recognise who you are from the moment you walk through the door, not only will this help to avoid any confusion it also enhances your professional image. It suggests a high level of commitment and organisation from your business, and an attention to detail that will be nothing but appealing to a prospective client.

If you employ staff, making branded outerwear part of your company’s uniform is a useful means to ensure your employees are dressed appropriately at all times, removing the need to set guidelines or the worry of being seen as unfair on some members of staff. It can also act as extra advertising for your business, if a jacket customised with your logo is worn out and about travelling to and from work. If most of your work is outdoors it stops your logo being covered up all together in colder weather, which only wastes the investment made in custom uniform to begin with.

There’s no need for concern about finding the appropriate outerwear for your business either -we’ve got you covered. Whether you want a heavy duty coat for trekking about in the depths of winter, a printed hoodie to fit your modern, casual brand, an embroidered fleece to stay comfortable while you work, or a smart soft shell jacket complete with your logo to make the perfect first impression. Whatever outerwear it is you’re after, we’ve got the perfect garment for you.