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Why custom workwear can bring your staff together

If you’re thinking about ordering some custom workwear then the chances are you’re doing it to benefit your customers. After all, a business which invests in its own uniform suggests to potential clients that you are professional, committed and happy to put your name to your work. Workwear personalised with your logo also has many advantages for you as an employer, it makes staff easily noticeable and avoids any trouble from dress codes being devised and enforced. All these reasons alone are enough to make you want to place an order. However, opting to kit your employees out in custom workwear can also have many benefits for the staff themselves, and produce a relaxed, happier and productive working environment.

Work uniform can feel a bit like school uniform. Now this seems like a bad thing but in reality it shouldn’t be. Just like school pupils, your employees are probably from different backgrounds and have different tastes and interests. From a team perspective this is a good thing, a workforce filled different types of people is much more dynamic and innovative than one filled with clones. However differing styles can also leave some employees feeling left out and different, at worst it can lead to bullying. Having one uniform worn by all staff prevents this, stopping anyone from being singled out and acting as an equaliser. Regardless of any differences, a custom uniform shows that staff are all part of the same team.

Beyond being an equaliser, workwear can aide productivity. Have you ever noticed that you need a certain routine to put your head into “work mode”? Such as a morning coffee as soon as you sit down, or having your desk set up in just the right way. A uniform worn only for work may have similar mental benefits, with your custom garments telling your head it’s time to turn itself on and switch into “work mode” as you pull them on. It has been shown that a clear distinction between work time and downtime actually results in more getting done during work hours, and things such as a separate work uniform help emphasise this difference.

So not only can custom workwear benefit your customers and yourself, it also helps employees feel like part of the team and work better together. Everyone’s a winner. For our full range of workwear check our online catalogue, our extensive collection means we have the right option for all needs and industries.