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The little things you might have forgotten when purchasing workwear

One of the biggest problems with ordering workwear online is that you cannot see the garments in the flesh (or thread, to be technical) instead relying on a few pixels and a prayer. Obviously the main concerns with this are firstly, that the garments look nothing like they did on your screen and secondly, that the quality is less than stellar. Luckily we can clear up a few of these concerns right now –we aim that the images we use are as true to life as possible and, to be perfectly frank, if we thought an item was total rubbish we wouldn’t supply it. However there are a few other things that should be considered when purchasing workwear, small details which seem unimportant and are easily forgotten but can turn into big annoyances. These are a few things you should check before you buy.

The washing instructions!

We’re not suggesting there’s a whole lot of workwear out there which is dry clean only, but will your uniforms need to be tumble dried? Or washed in hot water? Always check before you purchase and make sure the garments fit your needs.

Will they fit everyone?

If in doubt it’s always better to choose a style with a good range of sizes and a male/female fit. Especially if you plan on taking on a lot of new staff or have a high turnover, the last thing you want is to invest in a new custom uniform for some of your staff and then find out it isn’t available for others.

Does it match?

An advantage of choosing a specific, unusual shade for your custom uniform is that you will not look the same as anyone else. A disadvantage is how hard you will find it to match that shade across the board. If having your uniform match other colours in your branding is important to you pick a simpler shade which is easy to replicate across mediums.

What about extras?

Similar to the last point, if you plan to purchase additional items for your uniform in the future (such as coats for colder weather) check that they are available in similar shades. Of course if you’re not too bothered about things matching then this isn’t an issue, but if you want to stick to a certain colour scheme it should be a consideration before you buy.

Remembering to check small details such as these can save you a lot of trouble in the long run and make sure that sorting out your custom workwear doesn’t turn into nightmare.