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Do you need new workwear?Embroidered Workwear

Firstly, if it’s falling apart then yes. Also if it’s too small/big/so well worn you can no longer remember what colour it originally was. We know these are obvio

us reasons to need new garments, so aren’t going to insult your intelligence by putting them forth as if we didn’t believe you could come to this conclusion yourself. However there are some details it is easy to overlook, putting the same uniform on everyday means you eventually stop really looking at it, so your workwear could be outdated without you even realising. An embroidered polo shirt doesn't cost much but an out of date shirt could cost you a client.

Keep up to date (with business, not fashion)

The first thing to check is that your custom uniform is completely up to date. We’re not talking about keeping up with the latest fashions, but keeping up with any changes in your business. It’s surprising how easy these small details are to overlook. Make sure that any phone numbers or web addresses on your workwear are accurate, as a potential customer who hits a dead end the first time they try to contact you is unlikely to try again. Also if you have recently rebranded or changed your logo updating your uniform to go along with this new look should be a priority. A mismatch of logos and branding looks unprofessional and, at worst, can make you appear like two completely different companies.

Shake it up

Beyond practical details, if you have been wearing the same workwear for years then chances are it could benefit from a bit of an update. We’re not suggesting you suddenly become a dedicated follower of fashion with a completely new look for your branded garments each year, but if you’ve got somewhat complacent with your workwear you might be missing out. Ordering the same garments again and again is easy but means you might be missing something that would suit your needs even better. Making the time once in a while to check what else is being offered means new and better garments won’t pass you by.

For all the workwear inspiration you’ll ever need check out our online catalogue –it’s quick and easy to navigate so you can view all your options in no time at all.