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T-shirts were once thought of as the perfect temporary or ‘throwaway’ garment, the branded gift you’d hand out as part of a promotion, or use as uniform for a one-off event –that need no longer be the case. Wis

dom would have it that casual, comfortable t-shirts were perfect for short term use but when it came to an everyday uniform you were better off sticking with a trusty polo, which would last longer and save you money in the long run. But what if an embroidered polo just doesn’t fit your image? Are you left facing a choice of being stuck with custom uniform that’s not quite right, or bear the expense of replacing worn out t-shirts every few months? You no longer need to compromise.

Many of our t-shirts are constructed from high quality fabrics which will prove just as long- lasting as any alternative. Shirts that won’t fade in the wash, come apart at the seams, or transform into a shapeless sack after a few wears. Shirts that offer the casualness of a t-shirt along with durability and resilience. T-shirts make the perfect garment for screen printing, offering bold and vivid results, however they also look great with embroidery too. An embroidered name or logo on the chest of a t-shirt creates a sophisticated and professional image whilst still maintain the casual appearance you were looking for.

Why should you opt for a customised t-shirt rather than a more traditional polo for your branded uniform? Well, if you’re trying to appear fresh and modern they could help your image enormously. The business landscape is becoming increasingly casual these days across all industries –stuffy, uncomfortable uniforms are seen as unnecessary and becoming a thing of the past (unless of course, your work requires that certain garments be worn for safety or hygiene reasons). Dressing staff in t-shirts branded with your logo suggests that you are the kind of company that keeps up with the times, not afraid to evolve or be stuck in old ways, a must if trying to appeal to a younger audience.

A high quality embroidered t-shirt stitched with your company logo looks organised without being stuffy –professional without sacrifing the relaxed look you want. The perfect mix of “get the job done” professionalism and “keeping with the times” casual image.