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Style over substance: Workwear that looks good but isn’t fit for purpose

These days the entire world is obsessed with image -whether you want to blame the internet, camera phones or just shake your wizened fist at the youth of today it’s a fact you can’t get away from. Businesses who once only had to concern themselves with doing a job well are now being told that they must focus on branding and curate an image for themselves lest they risk falling into obscurity and losing work. We’re certainly not about to stand up and say “none of that matters!” it does and you should try and make your business stand out, as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of other things. Workwear, for instance.

Firstly, we should clear up a few things. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t choose custom workwear, we think embroidered workwear is wonderful (well, we would) and have written before about all the great benefits it brings, it creates a professional image for your staff and acts as a bit of free marketing when you’re out and about. What we’re thinking of is becoming so focussed on your uniform having a certain look you become blind to one important issue –the garments you’ve picked aren’t up to the job.

When flicking through a catalogue or looking at a computer screen it’s easy to pick out items that you feel will look good or portray the right image without giving a second thought to how practical they actually are. The first consideration should still be how suitable a garment is for your industry rather than how it looks. Fast fashion probably also plays a part in this, we’re so used to picking up cheap throwaway clothes these days we start to forget the importance of choosing goods that will last. Assuming you want your workwear to last longer than the latest fad, make sure you choose garments that are good quality and fit for your purpose. After all a falling apart uniform or uncomfortable workers will never look professional, no matter how beautiful your workwear looked when you picked it out.