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Custom Leavers HoodiesLeavers Hoodies

Leavers hoodies are the perfect reminder of school, college or university, a memento to keep for years to come.

By ordering a custom leavers hoodie from us you’re able to choose from a huge selection of styles, designs and colours, making finding your perfect hoodie a breeze. As we also supply custom workwear, sports kit and event wear we offer a greater range of garments than most, giving you even more choice in finding the perfect fit. You can choose a customised hoodie that matches your school colours, a style with or without a zip, and pick a hoodie that suits your budget rather than fitting your budget around the garment.

After picking your hoodie it’s time to add your customised school leavers design. Screen printing is perfect for this as it gives bright and colourful results and lets you opt for a large design at a lower cost (brilliant for fitting all those names in!). Although screen printed leavers hoodies are more traditional you could also choose to customise with embroidery, or have a combination of both -a stitched school badge on the front of the hoodie and a larger printed design on the back.

Custom leavers hoodies are a garment that should be kept for years to come, a reminder of school days and happy times -so why settle for a plain and boring hoodie that will quickly be relegated to the bottom of a box in the corner of the attic? Choose one that’s colourful, comfortable and stylish and it will be treasured far into the future.