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Transform your workwear and improve your business

It may sound far-fetched to suggest that updating your custom workwear can improve your business in numerous areas but it is in fact in completely true. When purchasing new workwear chances are you haven’t thought much beyond the obvious (but still very valid) benefits; you need something for you and your staff to wear and thought it would be nice to have a matching uniform complete with your logo. Whilst this alone is still a great reason to choose customised garments there are many other advantages to branded workwear which, whilst easy to overlook, can reap great rewards. Here are a few of the more subtle advantages that come with custom uniform, beyond the cheap marketing.

  •  Making work easier for you and your staff. If you work in an environment with particular health and safety issues then you probably pay a lot of attention to your uniform, ensuring it meets regulations. However selecting the right garments can help make your job easier no matter the industry, picking workwear your staff are comfortable in can improve efficiency and means jobs will get done faster.
  • Improve staff morale. It really is true that what you wear will affect how you feel. Forcing your staff to wear old, worn out uniforms everyday doesn’t give the impression you value them much and may leave them wondering how much effort they should put into their job when their employer doesn’t really seem to care. A smart, custom uniform has been shown to improve team cohesion amongst staff and raise morale.
  • Set yourself apart. Like the rest of your branding, choosing your company’s uniform is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. Choose garments in a different colour or style from everyone else in order to stand out.
  • Reassure your customers. The extra advertising while at work is an obvious benefit of uniforms stitched with your logo, however as well as promoting your company they also serve to reassure your existing customers. Personalised workwear makes your staff easy to spot and also means anyone who isn’t part of your team is easy to pick out. It also creates an appearance of professionalism –no matter how small, local or new you are, customers want to feel like they are dealing with an experienced and established business.

All these benefits combine to make branded workwear a worthwhile investment for your company, there are few things which have the potential to make a positive impact on many different areas of your business for so little effort. If we’ve convinced you, why not browse our catalogue or check out our offers for all your workwear needs.