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The most valuable advertising for your brandEmbroidered Logo

Latest research would suggest that customers remember the experience they have with your brand, rather than your marketing. A consumer’s “brand experience” may sound like more ridiculous, Apprentice-style business speak but it’s really just common sense –a customer will be more influenced by direct experiences with your company (such as walking into your shop or eating at your restaurant) than by your advertising. Some are using this to suggest that the money spent developing the perfect logo and then branding business materials is wasted, better spent elsewhere. So, is investing in custom uniform a waste of money? We don’t think so (obviously). In fact, this research may highlight how custom uniforms are some of the best marketing you can have.

The research suggests that, for customers, the most memorable part of your brand are any interactions they have with staff. They will judge the kind of business you are, how good you are and if they like you based mostly on your employees. This isn’t really surprising, after all no amount of fancy advertising will make up for terrible customer service and vice versa, but it shows how valuable branded workwear can be. Customers will see and remember your company logo, stitched onto the custom uniform worn by your staff. Assuming your staff are amazing (of course they are!) this positive experience will cement your logo into customers head’s and they will think favourably of your brand.

Displaying your logo prominently in an easy to see location will ensure that consumers will easily recall the company they had such good service from. Whereas other marketing just creates brand recognition, this gives brand recognition and a positive association to go with it. So that custom uniform you’re considering may actually be one of your most valuable marketing tools.