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Printed Men's Long Coats

Our men’s long coats are a practical and comfortable way to keep your staff dry and warm during even the harshest winter days. These coats are longer than average, sitting just past the hips through to just above the knee. They are waterproof and often come with hoods and plenty of zips and pockets to make them easy to wear when working. These are also stylish items to wear and will look great when combined with your logo. You can have the logo printed onto the coat anywhere you wish including on the back and you you want to we also offer embroidered workwear for an even more professional look. These longer length coats are designed to combat even the coldest days and work perfectly for people who are working outdoors for most of the day as it is protect their other uniform items such as their sweatshirts, hoodies, polos and t-shirts. When combined with waterproof trousers, they will be fully protected.

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We appreciate that it can be hard to make a choice about what type of long coat you want and so we make it easy for you to choose by simply giving our trained staff a call. If you want a quote we can arrange that for you and we think you will love our value for money. Our printing uses only the very best technology and you can trust that your logo will stay in place even after many wears and washes.