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The colour your team should be wearing

Of course you can choose whatever colour takes your fancy for your custom teamwear, whether that be a muted brown or in-your- face bright green. However, what if we were to tell you that a particular hue could increase your chances of victory? Before you brush the notion off as complete rubbish, read on. A German study found that competitors wearing a certain colour scored more points than their counterparts, and that colour was –red. (Sorry City/Everton/Chelsea fans.)

They uncovered this fact through showing pre-recorded taekwondo bouts to referees, once with one competitor wearing red and the other wearing blue, then again having digitally swapped the colours so the opposite competitor was wearing red or blue. Finally, the referees were asked to score the bouts. The researchers found that both times those wearing red were awarded more points. So, a combatant who had been declared the loser whilst wearing blue, was a few minutes later declared the victor when their garments were changed to red –despite the fight remaining exactly the same. Before you start thinking this says more about the supposed impartiality of referees than anything else, another study in Durham also backs this up, finding that competitors in red win around 55% of Olympic combat sports.

Why does this happen? Well, there are suggestions that colours affect our brain and perception in different ways (called colour psychology). Red is a bold and aggressive colour, suggesting strength power and passion. So in the German study, for instance, the referees may have subconsciously perceived the person in red as the superior fighter. A red kit could also instil a greater confidence in those who wear it, or shake some confidence from those they face.

Finally, it is worth noting that the colour of kit only made a difference between those who were already evenly matched. Unfortunately you can’t expect to start playing like you’re in the premier league because you’ve got the right kit!