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How to prolong the life of screen printed garmentsScreen Printed T-Shirts

Of course, our screen printing is super tough and able to stand pretty much whatever you throw at it while still looking good as new. However a little care really does go a long way when keeping your custom garments fresh, and it really is “a little” care. Screen print is easy to care for and ensuring that you do a few small things when you wash will keep your garments looking shiny and new.

When caring for your screen print you should ensure your custom garments are washed inside out, protecting your printed design from some of the harshness of the washing cycle and rubbing against other items. Washing garments inside out is a good tip and worthwhile doing whether they are screen printed or not as it also helps prevent colour fade and keeps everything looking newer for longer.

It’s also a good idea not to wash printed clothing in very hot water unless you really need to. These days cooler water is just as effective at cleaning garments and is much gentler on the item –it also has the advantages of being good for the environment and saving a bit of money too. Unless of course you work in an industry which requires workwear items to be washed at higher temperatures, in which case just stick with the other tips and don’t worry too much, our screen printing is tough and it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Like hot water, there’s no real need to be using bleach on your printed garments (unless your work requires it), its overly harsh and most of the time a stain remover on affected areas will do the job just fine.

When it comes to ironing, make sure your garment is inside out again (or save yourself a job and don’t bother turning it the right way from the wash) and be extremely careful to avoid ironing over the design itself.

Lastly, when drying your custom printed workwear it would be ideal to leave it to air dry, which prolongs the life of your garment and keeps it looking fresh. However if you really need to tumble dry choose a low setting and use for as short a time as possible. Whilst that will keep your screen print safe, also check that the actual garment is able to be tumble dried.

And that’s it. A few simple tips, super easy to follow, but will keep your screen printed clothing looking great wash after wash.