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Why you should choose us for your custom embroidery

Other than because we’re amazing. (Obviously).


A quick browse of our product catalogue is enough to show you that we can supply a whole range of different garments. There’s no “standard” polo shirt or hoodie, we believe in providing our customers with options to allow them to make the best decision for their needs. We like to think we know our market inside out and are always on hand to offer advice, but we know that the best people to make that final decision are the customers themselves. We also recognise that our customers come to us with different budgets and offer garments at a variety of prices to reflect this, meaning that whether you’re cash strapped or feeling flush we’ll have the perfect garment for you. Despite being called Sarah’s Embroidery we even know that embroidery isn’t right for everyone, which is why we offer our screen printing service.


We like to be upfront with our customers. No messing you around, “of course we could do that by Tuesday” when Tuesday actually means three weeks next Friday. It’s incredibly annoying to feel like you’re being strung along by a company, especially if there’s a deadline looming and you really need your order already. We do all we can to give our customers an accurate idea about when their order will be delivered and keep them updated of any changes. You might have noticed our home page even has an up to date estimate of how long an order will take to reach you from the moment it’s placed, so you know exactly what to expect before you even make your order.


All our orders matter to us, whether they’re for a few custom garments or a few thousand. We’re a small company ourselves and know that the business ordering six embroidered polos needs them just as badly as the business ordering one hundred. All our work is completed on the best embroidery machines, using the best thread and is quality checked at every stage in the manufacturing process to ensure the end result is perfect. We always say that good custom workwear makes you look professional, offering poor quality workwear would just make us look unprofessional. We think that sending shoddy work out reflects badly on us, isn’t fair on the customer and is generally all-round unacceptable, so we don’t do it. We can’t guarantee our workwear will transform you into a supermodel, but we can guarantee that the quality will be perfect.