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Why blue is the most popular colourEmbroidered Polo Shirts

Unsurprisingly, it’s a little difficult to determine the most common colour used in branding, there are so many businesses out there you could count colour schemes forever and still not be done. The studies that are out there have all pointed in roughly the same direction though, suggesting that although red and green are very popular the colour most often seen is blue. We thought we’d dig a little deeper and find out if this is all a big coincidence, or if there really is something special about this particular hue, and should you think about incorporating it into your branding.

Any basic colour theory information will tell you that that different colours invoke different emotions in people, that they “stand for” certain things. So what does blue stand for? Clarity, simplicity and honesty. All useful qualities which any business would want to project to new customers. There’s no worry about that one country or culture where your cheerful colour scheme actually translates to greediness or misery either, the colour blue is somewhat unique in that its associations are positive and broadly similar across the world. You won’t need to look at changing you branding if you decide to expand into other countries.

The reasons for the prevalence of blue in branding could also be down to much more simple reasons, it mixes very well with other colours. For instance, if you are an environmentally aware business you may use blue and green, or blue and light brown to suggest your eco-friendly credentials, if you want to look light and cheerful blue and yellow are an excellent choice. No matter what other colours you have chosen, there will probably be a shade of blue that works well with them. This also makes blue an excellent choice for the colour of your custom workwear (whether it’s already incorporated into your logo or not), it will work well your current branding and not look garish.

Finally, if this all sounds like too much over-thinking and you just chose your favourite colour for your logo, don’t worry too much. Facebook has one the most iconic blue logos in the world and when its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was asked what made him choose it over other popular colours such as red and green, he replied that it’s simply because blue is the colour he can see best, he’s colour-blind.