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Refresh your workwear with minimum effort

So you’re looking to update your workwear, but don’t really want a complete overhaul? As we’ve written about before a total workwear change is a big decision which should be well thought out and can end up having negative effects if not done well. However, a simple refresh of your custom uniform is a great way to keep looking modern and there are a few simple ways to do it.

Change a jumper to a hoodie.

A custom jumper used to be perfect for throwing on in colder weather and looking a bit smarter when worn over your polos, and they certainly still have their place. They can wear out quite quickly in some environments though, and look a bit old fashioned. Changing to a hoodie is a comfy and easy way to keep up to date whilst staying warm. Hoodies are also available in a variety of different styles, colours and fits making choosing the perfect option a breeze.

Choose fitted polos.

Custom polo shirts are no longer only available in shapeless, unisex fits. Brands now offer polos in slimmer fitting styles letting all your staff look good and remain comfortable and professional.

Add a jacket.

Whether you choose a casual zipped hoodie or weatherproof jacket adding outerwear to your uniform can have big benefits. If your work regularly takes you outside it adds an air of professionalism and also keeps your branding visible, making sure any passers-by know who you are.

Pick a new shade.

If you’re not particularly attached to the colour of your workwear choosing a new shade is a simple way to make a big change with little effort. Staple items such as polos come in so many colour options you can also pick a slightly different shade of the same colour if you don’t want too much of a transformation. Alternatively choosing a very different colour to your logo will help your design really stand out.

So if you want to refresh your workwear without making any big changes consider giving some of these a try. Sometimes a complete overhaul isn’t necessary and a few small changes can make all the difference.