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The best custom garments to choose for your event

So you’re planning an event (or maybe your business will be at a festival, or you have a stand at a trade show) and want your brand to stand out from the rest. Giving away promotional gifts branded with your logo is the perfect way to gain favour with potential customers and also help them remember you. But what should you choose?

Fabric bags.

Reusable bags, shopper bags, tote bags, cloth bags -you might know these customisable bags by a multitude of names. The one thing they all share in common? They make a great branded gift. Fabric bags are available in many different styles, sizes and colours so picking the perfect one for your needs is easy, they are also cheap as chips (especially when bought in bulk) -an important consideration if you’re going to be giving them away. A key advantage of choosing a bag instead of a garment for promotion is how useful they are, at a trade show a branded bag can be handed out to prospective customers to hold your printed information (and hopefully hide everyone else’s!), or given away with bottled water at a festival. A promotional item that is useful is more likely to be, well, used.


A stitched or custom screen printed t-shirt is the perfect giveaway for many events, if you’re the kind of brand that is (or aims to be) aspirational, it could just be the perfect choice for you. In other words, if people want to be associated with your brand and what you represent they’ll probably snatch that custom t-shirt right out of your hands. Even if your band doesn’t have quite that much sway yet, a clever screen printed design could still see people clamouring over your garment. Make something that looks good and everyone will want it.

Hoodies/Jackets/Everything else.

These garments don’t have the advantage of being so budget friendly as t-shirts, but they certainly still have their place. Spending a bit more for a few less garments is great if you’re planning to give them away as part of a competition, more expensive prizes equals more interest and more attention drawn to you and your business.

Or why not try something completely different?

The person who knows the best way to represent your business is you. So if you’ve got a mad, never-been- seen-before idea, just go for it. The most unusual ideas tend to generate more attention anyway. Put your logo onto an item that suits your brand, for example if you’re in food or catering why not have an embroidered apron, a hand towel branded with your logo for beauty and hospitality, or a customised hat for adventure and anything outdoorsy? The best way to make splash is to choose something memorable and targeted to your brand.