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Why you should be sponsoring a local team

As suppliers of custom sportswear we often find ourselves stitching not only the name of team, but their sponsors too. Sponsoring a sports team might seem like it’s only for big businesses with even bigger budgets, however there are plenty of opportunities to sponsor local teams (or events) which can still see big returns for your company.

Sponsorship can sometimes feel like a waste of money if you don’t see your orders shoot up immediately after an event, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is important to remember that a return on investment doesn’t always equal an immediate increase in profits and the benefits can be felt in other ways. An advantage of sponsoring a local sports team (or offering to contribute to their kit in particular) is your logo having pride of place on the customised team kit, meaning it is seen by every spectator at local games. This increased brand awareness will result in more customers in the long run and can even work out cheaper and more effective than costly print marketing campaigns to increase awareness. An advert in a newspaper is easily ignored, customers are more likely to pay attention to their favourite local team.

It is important not to overlook the goodwill that sponsorship generates and how this can be beneficial for business. Small and local sports clubs often struggle to find funds and offering to help out could mean the difference between a quality customised sports kit and nothing at all. Doing this shows that you are a caring business with an interest in getting involved and giving back to the local community, not only will this enhance your reputation it may also result in potential customers giving their business to you over less charitable competitors.

There are plenty of teams out there who need your sponsorship, however if you’re a little stuck on who to pick here’s a quick tip for getting the most out of a deal –look at who your customers are and try to pick a team that they are most likely to come into contact with. Sponsoring a local dance troupe is unlikely to gain your business if your customers are mainly interested in football. So if you stick to this why not consider sponsoring a local team, not only are you helping the community it might just end up making you money in the long run.