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Unexpected Benefits of Playing a Sport

If you’re a sporty person then you’re probably already well aware of the benefits that exercise has on the body. If you play as part of a team chances are you also know (and feel) the camaraderie and social benefits that come from working together. However taking up a sport can have many other benefits beyond getting fitter and making a few new mates. Read on to find out how it can make you a calmer, happier, more productive, intelligent and creative person.

Banish Stress.

Exercise is often touted as a way to reduce stress levels, especially the more combative forms of activity such as kickboxing, with enthusiasts claiming it allows them to vent their anger. However if attacking a punch bag isn’t your thing the good news is any form of activity can help you de-stress. Exercise releases a chemical which helps your body control its reaction to stress meaning not only will you feel better immediately, in the long term your body may learn to handle stress with greater ease.

Get Happy.

There are so many reasons why exercising (particularly as part of a team) can lift your mood. Improving your physical fitness can give you greater self-confidence in your appearance, although it may be written off as shallow feeling confident in the way you look shouldn’t be underestimated as a mood booster. Beyond that becoming competent at new sport creates a sense of accomplishment. Exercise releases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness instantly so your still feel great whilst you are working towards your long term goals.

Become a People Person.

Taking part in team sports improves your interpersonal skills and helps you better work with others to the same goal, even if you have very different personalities. There is even some evidence that exercising as part of a group improves pain tolerance, whether that be from not wanting to let teammates down or just really wanting to beat the opposition.

Be a Genius.

It’s not only your physical fitness that improves with regular exercise, you might notice your mental agility sharpening too. An intensive workout creates new brain cells and improves overall brain performance. Not only this, regular activity has also been shown to improve your memory so you won’t forget all the new information your supercharged brain is devouring. Finally, studies suggest that creativity increases for around two hours after exercise meaning that right after a workout might be the best time to come up with your next big idea.

One final benefit of exercise –you can look really good while doing it! Our performance and team wear is designed to help you get the best results whilst being comfortable, functional and stylish. The garments can be fully customised with embroidery and screen print, allowing you and your team to add your own personal touch and stand out from the competition.