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You Don’t Need Branded Workwear. (But Your Customers Do)

You don’t need branded Workwear. Yes, we really did just say that as a company who is hoping to sell you some branded workwear, because truthfully you -personally, you -as a company don’t. You already know exactly who you are, who works for you and how professional you are. So you don’t need custom uniform –but your customers do. They need to see you in crisp, smart, branded attire not only for practical reasons (to recognise you) but quality ones (seeing that you are a professional company). Remember that your clients have chosen your business to give their custom (and hard earned money) to, and from the first meeting will be looking for reassurances they made the right choice. Here’s how branded uniforms can do just that.

They need to know who you are.

At its most practical level a uniform complete with your logo makes you easily identifiable to your customers. It’s very simple but can be easily overlooked, in fact it’s probably overlooked because it is so simple. Like we said before, you know who you and your staff are and don’t need a uniform to tell you (a look in the mirror will suffice). However for customers a simple uniform separates you from someone who has just turned up at their door, if you have a team it lets them know who works for you and who might be hanging around. Branded workwear makes life easier.

They need to feel secure.

Horror stories of cowboys who produce sub-standard work or even take the money and run are everywhere these days. While these stories great for customers to share their grievances and charlatans to have their comeuppance, it also creates mistrust. Clients need to feel that you are an established business who are well experienced in their work and deliver quality results. We’re sure that after a job the high quality of your work will speak for itself, but until then custom workwear can convince customers that you care about your business and are not about to disappear.

They need to see you are professional.

So now customers are happy that you are who you say you are, and feel that you can be trusted –what next? They need to feel that you care about your work and can give the best results possible. Arriving in matching branded workwear looks far more professional than turning up in worn out everyday clothes. It also shows that you are willing to invest in your business and therefore want it to be successful (so care about pleasing customers and positive word of mouth reviews). Workwear can still be functional, comfortable, and achieve this, you don’t need to arrive in a shirt and tie to look professional. So, even if branded workwear may seem a bit unnecessary to you, remember that for your customers it can mean the difference between being confident they made the right decision choosing you and worrying they made a mistake.