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Tips for making your workwear last longer

The simplest way to prolong the life of your workwear is by making sure you select the right garments for your business in the first place. It can be very tempting for any budget conscious business to choose the cheapest option when selecting workwear, especially when all the garment choices appear so similar. Unfortunately appearances can be deceptive and whilst two items may appear the same in a picture, in reality the construction and quality of the garments can be worlds apart. A particular garment may not end up feeling like such a bargain if it needs replacing a few months down the line. The best thing to do is read the description of the item and pick accordingly with your needs, phrases like “heavy-duty” or “workwear” tend to mean a garment will stand up to harsher treatment for example, but they may also be thicker and therefore less comfortable to wear in hot environments.

When picking out a colour for your custom workwear avoid falling into the trap of making your final decision solely on what will look nice without considering what is practical. Is it likely your sparkling white polo will make it through the day (or morning) without attracting a stain or two? If you choose a garment with special washing instructions will you have the time and patience to follow them to the letter? Could you expect any employees to do the same? If the answer is no you may find yourself with dingy, faded (or shrunk) workwear sooner than you’d think. Many of our garments are available in a wide range of colours, meaning you should have no problem picking workwear that will be practical whilst still looking good.

Customising your workwear with embroidery or screen print is a good idea, customising it with information that will soon be incorrect is not. Avoid having a phone number or website address stitched, for example, if you know it will be changed in the near future, similarly embroidering staff names may not be such a good idea if you have a high turnover or seasonal workers. Although additional pieces of embroidery can be great for giving customers more information about your business and looking smart, if that information is incorrect it can leave you looking unprofessional and dated. If in doubt it’s best to keep your workwear simple.

Making your workwear last longer is really all down to making wise and informed choices when selecting your garments. Pick well at the start and save worrying about replacing garments a few months later.