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Screen Printed HoodiesPrinted Hoodies

Screen printed hoodies are perfect to promote your event or commemorate a party or reunion. They can advertise your club and help bring all team members together. They also happen to be very comfy and the perfect garment to relax in.

Whereas embroidery is great for smaller pieces such as names or badges, screen printing is the perfect choice for big, bold and beautiful designs that will get you noticed. This is what makes it so useful for promotional purposes, screen printing produces large designs at a relatively low cost (when compared to very large embroidery pieces which may be charged by the number of stitches) so you can attract attention without breaking the bank. Screen printed hoodies charges by the number of colours used in a design so if you’re budget conscious you can opt for a striking image with only one or two colours used, without having to sacrifice the size of the image itself (unlike embroidery where cost is based on size but allows for as many colours as possible). Fewer colours doesn’t automatically translate to a plain and boring design either, a single colour print contrasted against a colourful hoodie can often be even more striking than one overloaded with colour.

A hoodie makes the perfect canvas for your screen printed image, they are large enough to incorporate bigger designs and are available in a variety of colourful options to help you stand out. In some styles you can find both junior and adult varieties, which is important if you need to kit out all age groups without having to settle for different styles. Their durability makes them the perfect printed garment which can be held onto and used again and again.