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Embroidery vs Screen Print

We offer both, but which is better? It all depends on your needs, budget and the overall look you’re going for. Here are a few of the pros and cons of embroidery and screen printing to help you decide the best option for your customised workwear.


This all depends on how many garments you plan to order. There are exceptions of course but a general rule of thumb is that embroidery is cheaper for smaller orders, whilst screen print works out the budget friendly choice for larger quantities. Screen print is also usually the cheaper option for very large custom designs, as the number of stitches that would be required can make embroidery prohibitively expensive.


For small runs of a few to fifty items embroidery is normally the best choice, as screen printing has higher set up costs which can make smaller orders very expensive compared to embroidery. However, the more garments ordered the cheaper screen printing becomes, and for larger orders it will often work out more cost effective than the embroidered equivalent.


What material will your design be transferred to? There are a few fabrics, such as fleece, which aren’t suitable for screen print, embroidery is also better for some garments, like work trousers or caps. So if all the items you want customised are print friendly (like t-shirts or tote bags) opt for screen printing, but if you need your logo on a variety of garments, embroidery is the best choice for you.

Logo design

We are happy to say that we can recreate fine details in both embroidery and screen print, so it really comes down to some smaller details and whichever look you prefer. Screen printing can create effects which are more difficult to show through embroidery, such as gradients or shadows, however some people feel embroidered logos have a more professional look. It all comes down to your preference.