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Embroidered Hi-Vis T-Shirts

All staff who are working in warmer environments will appreciate hi-vis t-shirts. Our range features t-shirts that include reflective strips to meet the health and safety regulations of your workplace. Meeting these regulations can be a legal matter, so it is important that you choose the right hi-vis gear for your staff and for your visitors. Our t-shirts are comfortable to wear and cool for during warmer weather. They can also be worn underneath other hi vis items such as jackets and sweatshirts. As with all of our t-shirts they can be embroidered with your logo either on the front or on the back if you wish. You can also have these t-shirts printed if you would like to combine both elements. Hi visibility t-shirts are a comfortable and practical way to meet the legislation surrounding health and safety in your workplace and your staff will appreciate feeling safer while they work.

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