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Why we care about quality

If you take a quick browse around our website you’ll see the word “quality” mentioned a fair bit. We talk about how we offer only high-quality garments, use the best inks and threads on state of the art machines and strive to offer the best service around. Although this may seem like nothing more than encouragement to place an order (we promise it’s not!) quality is something we truly care about.

When it comes to items like workwear we believe offering high quality garments is of extra importance, because we want our products to be long lasting and still look as good as though they were brand new. We know this benefits our customers as well, a lesser quality garment might save a few pound initially but if it falls apart after a couple of uses and needs to be replaced regularly it’ll leave our customers worse off in the long run. Many customers come to us from industries where their uniform is regularly put through its paces with harsh environments and lots of physical work, where cheap fabric and a poor finish simply won’t cut it.

We feel the same way about our embroidery, if anything we feel even stronger about offering some of the best embroidery around. Our customers have chosen to have a logo stitched onto their uniform as a way of advertising their business and a poorly embroidered design doesn’t make the best impression. It says even less about us if we, as an embroidery company, felt it was ok to send out shoddy work. We focus on digitising (making a design suitable for embroidery) an image to produce the most accurate and detailed embroidered logo possible, stitch it with the best threads and quality check each garment to ensure a high end result for every item we dispatch.

Ultimately, we only send out custom workwear and sports kit we would be happy to receive ourselves. Ensuring the level of quality on our garments keeps customers returning, means our customers can wear their uniform with confidence and finally that we are happy to put our name to the goods.