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Our Favourite Pieces of Workwear and why we love them

We’re getting personal this week. We spend so much time suggesting the best workwear options for you, we thought we’d talk a little bit more about us, Or to be more precise, what we’ve found our best workwear choices to be. As workwear specialists we see a lot of garments and have, over time, found what works best for us and fits our needs. So here are a few of our favourite workwear items and exactly why they’ve earned a place in our hearts.

Polo Shirts

Why we love them: Ok, Ok we do talk about how great Polo shirts are a lot, but truthfully it’s because we think they’re the best workwear staple out there. We wear them. They are the perfect garment for both embroidery and screen print, are available in a huge variety of colours and fits, don’t break the bank and are versatile enough to suit most industries. We also love how comfortable they are whilst not looking overly casual –we find we get a lot more work done when we’re comfortable in what we’re wearing! We always say we wouldn’t recommend any item that we wouldn’t wear ourselves, so have no problem saying that we think an embroidered polo shirt is one of the best workwear options out there.


Why we love them: Personally, we prefer custom fleeces for the colder months rather than jumpers or sweatshirts (not that there’s anything wrong with them –if they’re your thing, go for it!). Full zip fleeces are quick and easy to take on and off if your job involves working in lots of different environments. They are also comfortable and allow for lots of movement allowing you to keep them on even when you’re indoors –no more shivering in a chilly office! Like polos, fleeces are very suitable for embroidery and budget friendly.


Why we love them: When we want something a bit more substantial than a fleece (whether that be because work has taken us outdoors or the office has gotten really cold) we opt for customised jackets. As personalised workwear providers we have an obvious interest in showing off what we do and an embroidered coat is a great way of highlighting our work when we’re out and about. A jacket is slightly more formal than a fleece, making it perfect for when we want to smarten ourselves up a bit but still be comfortable.

Of course there are so many other garments we can talk about; trousers which are hard wearing, long lasting and still suitable for embroidery, colourful hoodies for casual warmth and comfort, hats for extra cold days… It didn’t take long to realise that writing about all our favourite workwear would involve re-writing most of our product catalogue. So these are just a few of our favourite pieces, staple garments which make up the basis of our custom uniform. They work well for us, and their versatility means they work for everyone.