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Embroidered Workwear

What would happen if you didn’t get custom workwear?

There’s so many things you need to do, stuff you need to get -so what if that customised uniform slips to bottom of the list, or off it entirely? It’s hardly the end of the world. This may be true, but there are some problems and attitudes you could find yourself facing from both your customers and your staff, if you decide to delay that workwear order.

“Do you work here?”

Without a custom uniform you and any staff are not instantly recognisable to customers. If you run a shop or restaurant this might lead to confusion, with customers approaching non-staff members or even leaving, complaining “I couldn’t find anyone that worked there!”. A custom uniform also makes it easier for employees to quickly find each other on a busy floor. If your work takes you to the client, then a uniform allows them to spot your staff and remove safety concerns about strangers hanging around.

“Have you been doing this for long?”

If you turn up in casual clothes there’s a chance that customers might assume you haven’t been in business long, as you haven’t had chance to get personalised workwear yet. For some this may not be an issue, but others may be a little wary of trusting a brand new company to do the job as well as someone long established. They may even think you aren’t very committed to your work, as you seem reluctant to invest in workwear.

“It’ll do for now, but I’m waiting for something better to come along.”

Many studies have shown that being required to wear custom workwear leads to better performance and levels of commitment from employees. It’s been suggested that this is due to new employees feeling “a part of” your company sooner when they are given their own uniform. Custom uniforms have also been shown to improve cohesion amongst staff, leading to better teamwork and a happier working environment.

“I saw this great company… what was their name again?”

A potential customer needs to see your branding as much as possible for it to stick in their heads. Most people won’t bother to seek you out or make the effort to find out who you are if you don’t make it easy for them, especially if there are plenty of competitors out there. Investing in custom workwear is a great way to solve all these problems, it’s budget friendly (cheaper than a lot of advertising or spending money on “team bonding” activities), requires little effort beyond the first order (you get dressed everyday anyway) and should last you a long time.