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Clothing by Delta Plus

Delta Plus is all about your safety at work. They design, develop, normalise, manufacture, and distribute a full range of personal protective equipment to keep you safe and working. Their workwear is offered and trusted around the world from a network of partner distributors. Their expertise allows them to offer each worker the most adequate personal protective gear depending on their job and work environment, and always in accordance to the highest local standards. Keep your people safe with this embroidered workwear or printed workwear, and know that this merchandise has gone through multiple trials to ensure safety and durability. From safety goggles and helmets to trousers and shoes, you can customise this equipment with your logo and know that your people will stay protected no matter the trials. This brand knows that the details matter, so you'll find reinforced seams in their clothing, along with flexible fabrics to allow freer movements. Their shoes are made to resist crushing and punctures, and with a comfortable design and shock-absorption in the soles, you can trust this workwear to last all day and never tire.

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Delta Plus provides you with embroidered workwear or printed workwear with their large selection of gloves, shoes, safety goggles, jackets, trousers, helmets, and more to cover all of your safety needs from head to toe. Keep your employees visible, safe, and stylish with these customised products, made with their well-being in mind. Each product is certified to the highest safety standards, from a brand recognized the world over. Add your personalisation and let your employees work at their best day in and day out.