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Will you need to alter your logo for embroidery?

A concern amongst many of our customers is whether their logo is suitable for embroidery (or screen print) or if they will need to adapt it. Most of time the answer is no. We can print and embroider your custom workwear in a whole host of colours and replicate the finest details, allowing your logo to retain all its glory.

Contacting us about your logo concerns first is always the best option, rather than writing it off as too complicated, as you may be surprised to find your “complicated” logo doesn’t faze us at all. However there may occasionally be something we don’t think would translate well to embroidery, in these (rare) instances we’ll let you know the potential issues and recommend some alternatives. Below are three common logo concerns we’ve heard and the likelihood of adjustments needing to be made.

“My logo is very colourful”

Chances are this won’t be a problem, we can embroider many colours in one design so haven’t come across many that we can’t handle. If your logo has a lot of colour we would however recommend opting for embroidery over screen printing. Although we can print up to 6 colours the screen printing process means that the more colours in a design, the more expensive it becomes.

“My logo has special effects, such as gradient colours”

Screen printing is the choice for you. Embroidery can’t really replicate effects such as colours blending into each other, at least in a way that would produce the high quality results we’re so proud of. If you’re set on an embroidered logo then be prepared to alter your design a little, or think about choosing screen printing which can better handle these effects.

“My logo is really, really detailed”

As we said above, we can embroider intricate logos no problem. The only issue that might arise is if your logo cannot be suitably scaled down to be stitched onto your garments, in this instance it will need to be simplified. Although if your logo is so detailed it can’t be scaled down to fit onto a garment and still look good, it could be worth considering simplifying your logo across the board as simple designs are often more memorable than complex ones.

We will always try to recreate each logo that we receive perfectly and it’s likely that we’ll have no problem stitching your logo. However if there is an issue you can rest assured that rather than leave you stuck with poor quality work we will do all we can to make your custom garments look perfect, keeping you involved every step of the way.