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Does the colour of your uniform really matter?

If you’ve ever had a logo designed (or done it yourself) or have just researched branding in general then you may have come across articles telling you all about colour theory, how it’s so important to pick the right colours for your custom designs or no self-respecting customer will ever look at you twice. Does it really matter though? Would a potential customer honestly be put off if you picked the “wrong” colour for your polo shirt or is it just a load of marketing-speak rubbish? Well yes and no really.

There have been many attempts to show that certain moods and behaviours are invoked by a specific colour, but truthfully how people respond to colour is influenced by many different factors such as culture, past experience and taste. In other words it’s unique to each person and can’t be universally predicted, unfortunately there is no magic colour combination that will have customers flocking.

Black is often put forward as a colour of competence, but just as a black uniform won’t automatically make someone competent at a job, the sight of yellow on your logo won’t make a customer feel so positive they must hire you immediately. Whilst the colour of your custom workwear alone isn’t going to win (or lose) you customers it does have an effect on how they perceive your company with studies suggesting that between 60-90% of people will judge a business based on their logo and other visual branding.

The most important thing is for customers to feel that the colours you use “match” how they see your company. For example using green for your workwear if you’re an environmentally friendly business, or sleek black if you offer a luxury service. A black uniform won’t convince clients that you are a sophisticated, understated business, however if they already hold this opinion and you show up wearing neon green they will question just how right they were.

It must be noted that when choosing the colour of your custom uniform there are a few practical considerations beyond what your customers will like, the most obvious being safety issues such as whether high visibility garments must be worn. Also when selecting workwear remember to consider if one colour will stain easier than others or be harder to clean. Finally, and most importantly for excellent custom workwear, choose a colour that will make your logo stand out against the garment, stopping you from blending into the background and making it easy for customers to see just who you are.