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Embroidered knitwear

If you’re looking for something a little different for your custom uniform, why not choose an embroidered jumper or cardigan? As a workwear garment they’re often (unfairly) overlooked, occupying a middle ground between the casual, hard-wearing polo shirt and the heavier, warmer fleece. They also perfectly fit in the middle ground between formal and relaxed workwear, making them the ideal choice if you want to look smart but not stuffy.

We supply a few different styles of knitwear, all of which are perfect for customisation, so you can choose a garment that’s just right for your company. So whether you want a sleeveless jumper to be worn over a shirt, a smart fitted cardigan or a traditional V-neck jumper there will be no trouble finding what you’re looking for. Embroidery stands out beautifully on knitwear too, (though screen printing isn’t so great, so maybe consider a different style of garment if that’s what you want) we guarantee that your logo will look amazing stitched onto each garment.

Knitwear customised with your logo is a good alternative to a shirt if you still want to create a formal appearance while staying comfortable. Perhaps your job also requires a lot of physical activity that a regular shirt just isn’t suitable for but you still need that professional look, the soft knit of a jumper offers the necessary range of movement without compromising your image. Embroidered knitwear is also perfect if a printed t-shirt or polo is too casual or modern looking for your business’s brand -if you want to come across as sophisticated and professional you’ll not go far wrong with a classic knit stitched with your logo.