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Selling your staff on a uniform

If you’ve stumbled onto our site whilst thinking about purchasing your first set of custom workwear for you and your staff then welcome. We certainly hope you’ve had a chance to browse around and we’ve sold you on the idea of a branded uniform, whether that be from the vast selection of customisable garments we stock or all the benefits workwear with your logo can provide. From unifying your staff to acting as free advertising custom uniforms are a very good thing. However, what should you do if your staff don’t feel quite the same way? We’re not talking about them not quite liking the colour shirt you chose or wanting more pockets –what if they aren’t keen on the idea of a custom uniform at all? This can happen within small businesses who are now seeking to expand, the company can now afford and wants to introduce uniforms to add an air of professionalism but the staff are used to wearing their own clothes and would like things to stay that way. Luckily there are a few ways you can address these concerns and prove why custom uniforms are better for everyone.

If everyone is wearing their own clothes at the moment then employees are probably concerned they won’t be as comfortable in a uniform –bad memories of stuffy, ill-fitting school uniforms suddenly rear their heads. Not only will this be uncomfortable it could impede on the ability to do their job well. This shouldn’t even be a concern. We’re going to assume that you know your industry and what various jobs entail, so will select garments accordingly. Our range of garments mean you should be able to find the perfect options for blending professionalism with comfort and practicality.

An obvious benefit for staff of switching to uniforms is the cost. If they’re currently providing their own work outfit they also shoulder the cost, having a uniform provided will save money and prolong the life of their wardrobe. It also helps to create a clear distinction between work and home, having a uniform to change out of at the end of a long day is a great way to tell your brain it’s time to switch off and put your feet up.

Above all else make sure your staff feel their opinions are being heard. Few people like change and you can’t always make everyone happy, but at least feeling like you are being acknowledged and your voice matters can prevent negative feelings brewing and keep everyone happy.