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Printed Men's Contrast Polo Shirts

Our printed men’s contrast polo shirts are the perfect way to inject a little style into your workwear, without losing the professional feel that you want. We have a varied range of these polos including those with shoulder stripes, collar and cuff stripes and contrasting sleeves, collars and side stitching. Offered in a range of shapes and fabric types, these are perfect for warmer weather and are designed to maintain their shape. You can have your logo printed on these polos giving them the custom look you are after. Our trained printers will ensure that each logo or slogan looks exactly as you wish and that it remains in place without fading.

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We are rightly very proud of our polo shirt selection, but this range of colourful options gives our customers a special difference to set them apart. Just by adding your slogan or logo, you can really present your team in a look that is professional and hardwearing. We offer prices that are equal to wholesale, giving you the value for money you need. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and our experts can talk you through the process of purchase.