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Clothing by Colortone

For those who want to add some colour to their wardrobe, Colortone is there for you! This company takes on the casual clothing market with a focus on quality, fun merchandise. Tie-dye is their signature style, combining a variety of vibrant colours into marvelous patterns combinations, in both vintage and more contemporary forms. Add to the fun by adding a personalised touch of your own to their t-shirts and hoodies, transforming already colorful styles into printed workwear. Browse a selection of their styles below, from greys to rainbows.

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Colortone uses a five-step tie-dye process to create every piece of their merchandise, from their t-shirts to their hoodies. This means that every shirt is unique and personalised! The process is familiar to anyone who tie-dyes their clothes, though this company has turned it into a practiced art form. The garments are soaked in a pre-treat solution, folded into a pattern using rubber bands, hand painted to add their colors, and set on racks to cure. Finally, they are rinsed, washed, dried, and sent out to be worn – or to have your logo printed on them here!