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Printed Child's V-Neck T-Shirts

The extra style of our children’s v-neck t-shirts are perfect for adding a professional feel to your business whether it is a sport club, an after school scheme or a holiday child care club. The shirts are designed to be comfortable to wear and soft for children with sensitive skin. With a range of different shapes, these v-neck shirts really do offer the variety you need. Once you add your branding and choose the colour that you need, the kids will love wearing them - especially if you choose fun and vibrant colours. These hard wearing printed t-shirts are able to be washed over and over, while the logos or pictures you add will remain highly coloured and strong despite the rough and tumble that children might subject them to.

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We look forward to talking to you about your requirements for your t-shirts. We always reward our customers if they place a large order and in this case you can get free set up if you order over a certain amount. Our printing technology ensures that the logo you add remains true and we can even help you design a logo if needed. We can also deliver extra quickly for a small fee.