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Printed Child's Contrast Polo Shirts

Our child’s contrast polo shirts are the perfect way to add a little interest to uniform options for after school or weekend clubs. Made using the best materials, these are quality polo shirts that feature the classic three button look with a sturdy collar. Because these children’s shirts are made from a range of breathable fabrics, they really do offer a great activewear option. They can also be washed and worn many times before they will need to be replaced - never losing their bright colouring. You can add our branding to this bespoke polo shirt giving it your company logo and showing off the professionalism of your business. These polos really do hold their shape and are perfect for the rough and tumble that children get up to.

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Our printing options give you so many ways that you can add your branding to our shirts. You can choose to add a logo, a slogan or a picture - in fact almost anything you like. Our set up fees are low or free if you order over our threshold. Just give one of our friendly staff members a call if you have any questions or order online using our easy to follow ordering system.