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Clothing by Bella

With their embroidered workwear for the professional and printed workwear for the casual fashionista, Bella provides flexibility for their customer’s needs. With a brand dedicated to environmental safety and putting the earth first, this W.R.A.P.-certified company maintains a humane work environment, using only combed and ring-spun cotton in their merchandise and providing jobs in the United States instead of depending on sweatshops. Despite these self-imposed moral restrictions, they deliver quality clothing, from their customised tees to their comfortable tank tops. Take a look below to see some of what they have to offer.

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Bella makes millions of jumpers and tees every year in their W.R.A.P. Gold-certified facilities, utilizing solar power and American labor to follow their no-sweatshop policy. They aspire to create merchandise that anyone can tell is the best quality, from how it feels, to how it fits, to how the personalised logos you put on their printed workwear look. Try some of their offerings, seen here above, out for yourself.