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Why you’re better off joining a team

If you’ve never been a particularly sporty person the idea of just getting fit can seem pretty daunting, let alone playing as part of team and having other people rely on your skills and sporting prowess. However learning a new sport and joining a team shouldn’t be off-putting, in fact it might be the best way for you to get in shape and gain a whole lot of other benefits too. So put those memories of getting picked last in P.E. classes aside and read on for why you should play a sport rather than go it alone.

  1.  Better form. If you’re new to fitness or getting back into it you’ll be a bit rusty and have a lot of new skills to learn. Being part of a team means you’ll be surrounded by experienced people who can correct any mistakes you may be making and give you tips to improve. This means you have less chance of injuring yourself and you’ll probably get better much faster than if you were all alone.
  2. Team spirit. Numerous studies have shown that getting your workout from playing a team sport makes you more likely to stick to it than if you chose a solitary activity. The reason for this is simple, being part of a team means others are depending on you showing up and putting the effort in and people, generally being kind and decent, don’t want to let others down.
  3. Have fun. If you are one of the lucky people out there who genuinely love jogging then good for you! We envy you. However for many pounding the pavement is a miserable activity, to be dreaded rather than looked forward to, and if you don’t enjoy an activity then it’s statistically unlikely you’ll keep up with it in the long run. If you pick a sport you like you’re more likely to stick with it, as you’ll be enjoying yourself so much you won’t notice the workout you’re also getting.
  4. Get competitive. Playing in a team brings out your competitive side, especially if you’re part of a league and regularly play rivals. This challenge can make you improve faster as your desire to beat the other side increases the amount of effort you’re putting into your game.
  5. Be interesting. In taking up a sport not only are you increasing your fitness you also acquire a new skill and expand your social life. In adulthood it’s very easy to have a set group of friends and make little effort to socialise with anyone new, joining a team introduces you to whole lot of people who you would probably have never met otherwise and already have something in common with (an interest in your sport).

Hopefully we’ve convinced you to join a team rather than go it alone, or even to start a team yourself. For kitting yourselves out in superb custom team wear, check out our online catalogue or get in touch.