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Custom Reusable Bags

Are you looking for an easy, cost effective way to get your brand out there? A screen printed bag could be the answer.

In previous years many cotton shopper bags were destined to be used once or twice then relegated to the bottom of a drawer (or even the dustbin), however with charges for plastic bags now rolled out across the entire nation they are more likely to be regularly reused. Good for the environment, good for getting your branding out there. As branded printed bags are comparatively cheap items to be customised with your logo they’re an excellent choice whether you plan to sell them to consumers as part of your merchandise, or simply give them away at a trade show.

Reusable tote bags provide the perfect showcase for your screen printed images, their large surface area and simple, unassuming design letting the print take centre stage. Unlike printed garments, there’s no need to worry about what the design will look like when worn or consider if changes will need to be made for various sizes. Custom bags can be ordered in many different colours, so there’s no problem if you want to break away from standard white, cream or black and choose something a bit brighter. You could even opt for a selection of bag colours and give your customers a choice.

Of course, if screen printing isn’t your thing, reusable cotton bags also look great when customised with embroidery -you can also choose to have both, a stitched logo along with a printed design. So whether you prefer embroidery or screen print, a reusable bag customised with your branding is the best way to get your name out there without breaking the bank.