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Clothing by Bags By Jassz

If you’re searching for the perfect bag to go along with your printed or embroidered workwear, look no further than Bags By Jassz. Their variety of merchandise includes drawstring, short handle, and long handle shopping bags, depending on customers’ unique preferences. Through us, these bags can be customised, adding your logo to turn any employee going anywhere into a promotional board for your business. Take a look at their bags, which you can turn into either embroidered or printed workwear, below.

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Bags By Jassz is exclusively distributed by the Falk & Ross group, which is a brand that strives to provide the best and quickest service in the textile retail industry, using its over thirty years of experience and its distribution centre, the biggest centre in the industry, to deliver on that promise. Their merchandise, which once customised by you will go well with your embroidered workwear, certainly serves to impress. You can add your choice of logo to the bag to provide your on-the-go work uniform with some personalised promotional flair. Check out their offerings for yourself above.