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Why we keep our work in house

You might have read that at Sarah’s Embroidery we complete all our embroidery and screen print in house. If you’re a bit unsure as to what that means it’s exactly as it sounds –all of your embroidery and screen print is done by us in our factory, none of it is outsourced to a third party. We’re very proud of our ability to do this because it has so many benefits for our customers, making sure they get the highest quality and best value possible. Here’s just some of the reasons in house is the best option:

  • You know you’re speaking to an expert. You can rest assured that any queries you may have about your order will be answered by a trained expert, rather than someone relying on a call centre script. We’ll be able to advise you on the best options for your garments and be able to spot any possible issues early on in the process.
  • We can give you honest updates about your order. If we relied on third parties we’d have to go through them to find out your order’s progress –and hope they didn’t have any delays. An advantage of keeping our production in house is always knowing exactly where your order is in the manufacturing process and having the control to move things around and prioritise where we need to.
  • It saves you time. Not only can we keep you updated with your order it will also probably arrive with you a little sooner. There’s no sending garments to someone else and then waiting around for them to be stitched and sent back to us before we can eventually dispatch them.
  • And money! Keeping all our work in house allows to keep our cost low and can save you some money. Cutting out a middle man and coming straight to us saves paying a marked up price.

Truth be told we really like the benefits keeping production in house gives us too, it allows us a greater level of control over the whole process. Indulging our inner control freak lets us keep the quality level high and consistent across the board, so we can be sure that every order makes us proud.